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About me

My name is Silvia, I was born in Alicante, a lovely city in the east coast of Spain. Since very little I always loved to be active, running, jumping and dancing! I started doing rhythmic gymnastics and as I grew up my interest in sports did as well.

I started going to the gym and weight training and I was astonished about how your body can change by giving it the right dosis of exercise, diet and of course rest! 

I kept reading and studying different training techniques and also developed a keen interest in nutrition. I finally got my Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer certificate so I could start working in what I love! 

I came to London because I think is a great place to inmerse yourself in the fitness industry. I started working at Fitness First as a Fitness consultant and I learned a lot from other trainers. 

Now I am studying a degree in Strength and Conditioning Science and have the opportunity to do what I love and help people like YOU achieve their fitness goals.

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