High protein pancake receipe! Yummy and healthy

protein pancake

This is one of my favorite breakfast choices! It is incredibly easy to prepare and delicious, moreover it is sugar free and high in protein.

Sometimes we are in a hurry in the morning and don´t stop to think about the importance of breakfast. It is without doubt one of the most importants meals of the day, without it people can get irritable, restless and tired so do not skip it or eat anything.

What I like about these pancakes is that you get the right amount of nutrients to get filled up and energized to start your day properly avoiding empty calories, so you won´t feel the need to eat again for about 2 to 3 hours after eating it.

Ingredients needed:

2 eggs

one cup of oats

olive oil

fruit of your choice (optional)

spread of your choice (optional)

*I personally like to add two extra whites and sometimes some Iso whey chocolate protein powder That is optional and I do it because I usually train in the morning and feel like I need more fuel.


1) Break the two eggs in a bowl and churn them.

2) Add the oats and churn again until they are all soaked.

3) Take a NON STIK pan if possible and put a little bit (a table spoon) of olive oil on it. Turn the fire on.

4) Pour the mixture into the pan and let cook at medium heat for about 2 min. Flip it and do the same for the other side

Easy right? Now you have your healthy pancake ready!

You can add any topping of your choice. I like to keep it healthy (that´s the point of the high protein low sugar pancake) so here some tips for making it yummy and enjoyable!

Banana topping: Just cut some banana in slices and put it in top of your pancake! I like to add some honey as well or peanut butter as a base.

banana pancake

Pear topping: Just cut some thin slices of pear and place it on top along with some honey and cinammon... it tastes delicious!


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