At home mini-band exercises!

I am going to share with you some of my favorite exercises with mini-bands!

band training

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for your workouts!

I absolutely love these bands, since I bought them, I add band exercises into my training, or even set up a full workout just with them. They are great to hit your muscles in a different way and add variety to your workouts. Also they are portable, easy to store and excellent to bring along with you in a suitcase! As you can see in the picture, you have different colors that refer to different resistances. The black one is the heaviest and it is quite challenging. The red is heavy but will allow you to perform much more repetitions in your exercises than the black one. Then you have the Medium and Light ones, which I personally don´t use that much as I find it difficult to feel the "burn" with them. They are excellent for begginers or for some exercises that require a light and quick movemets. Here are some movements that everyone can do! Try them out ;) I will start with Band Walks. They are my favorite exercise and you can pair it (superset it) with another exercise of your convenience.

To perform this exercise, just set your band over your knees and squat down. Then walk to one side opening your legs wide and perform the desired number of repetitions. Do the same to the other side. Tips: Keep that squat low to really feel the work on your legs and glutes and keep the band in tension at all times.

Another good exercise is the side lying abduction. This is great for the outer side of your hips, legs and glutes; tightening, toning and lifting, while getting rid of cellulite.

To perform this exercise, just set the band just above your knees and lay down on one side. Lift and lower the top leg trying to keep the tension on the band at all times.

Glute kickbacks with resistance band are fantastic to lift your glutes! Try them out and feel the burn of this amazing exercise

To perform this exercise, just set the band around your legs and over your knees. Get in a quadruped position and extend one leg completely, pulsing for about 5 sec. at the top. Tips: Keep your core tight at all times. Avoid swinging side to side and focus on your glutes, contracting them every time you lift.

Standing abduction. This exercise is good for your outer thigh as the lying variation, you can alternate them or choose your favorite. Both are great for t